Health, Safety and Environmental

Health, Safety and Environmental Commitment

Excellence in Health, Safety and Environmental (HSE) performance is critical to our company’s success. TMM conducts business in a manner that is protective of people, the environment and our assets.

Respect for the Environment

We manage our business to protect and conserve natural resources, and we support practices and technologies to enhance environmental performance. We reduce, reuse, or recycle wastes whenever practical. When disposing of waste, we employ safe and environmentally responsible methods.


Incidents that adversely affect health or safety are preventable. Our goal is an incident-free workplace obtained through continuous improvement. We train employee’s to take responsibility to question any practice, procedure or decision that could adversely impact the health or safety of people, property or the environment.


We maintain dialogue within the company and with the community on environmental, health and safety matters related to our activities. We provide ways for employees and the public to express their concerns, questions or comments and we address each issue in a timely and responsible manner.

Assets and Advocacy

Environmental, health and safety considerations are incorporated into plans for new construction and modifications to existing facilities or operations. We will assess environmental, health and safety concerns prior to the development, sale, lease, transfer or purchase of assets and resolve any issues.


Compliance and assurance programs are established and maintained, and we comply with environmental, health and safety laws and regulations. Where none exist, we follow accepted industry programs or standards.

Product Stewardship

We take our responsibility to understand the effects of our physical products very seriously and we communicate information with respect to the proper manufacture, transportation, transmission, storage, distribution, use and disposal.

EHS Risk Management

It is our responsibility to identify the hazards and manage the risks associated with company activities. We will take action to mitigate those risks in a manner that is protective of the environment and the health and safety of our employees and the community.

Preparedness and Response

We have established and will maintain, test and review emergency preparedness plans to minimize the adverse impact of potential incidents.